Paradox launched the “dating site” Tender – it found hints of the Vampire franchise: The Masquerade


Apparently, this is part of ARG.

In mid-February, Paradox Interactive publisher launched Tender , a kind of parody of dating services. According to some media, it may be associated with the upcoming game on the desktop RPG Vampire: The Masquerade.

Users are prompted to register and create a profile by passing a survey that is not typical for such services. For example, assess your loneliness on a ten-point scale and indicate your blood type.

In addition, in the interest section, you can specify not only standard things like music, movies or books. The list includes, for example, the teachings of the philosophers Epicurus and Niccolò Machiavelli, as well as serial killers and thanatology – a section of medicine dedicated to death.

Visitors to the site can also complete several tasks and view other people’s profiles by clicking on the link “5 people near you are sick. Get to know them! ”

As noted on the Rock Paper Shotgun portal, there is another hint of vampires in the source code of the site. This description suggests “to find meaningful friendship, true love, or just to have a night snack with a soul mate”.

It seems that Tender is part of the ARG quest . Reporters found that the service is associated with the Canadian company Alice & Smith, specializing in games in an alternate reality.

The site says that it is in beta testing and promises to constantly add new features and tasks “in the next six to eight weeks.” Apparently, the game will end in mid-April.

Vampire: The Masquerade franchise rights passed to Paradox in 2015. The publisher has already said that they are going to develop the series and build plans on it, but they don’t want to start with the sequel to Bloodlines, published in 2004


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