On the release in Crackdown 3 there will be no opportunity to play multiplayer with friends

Create a lobby in the game simply can not.

Multiplayer with fights of two teams of five people and the “cloud” system of destruction – one of the main features of Crackdown 3. For its implementation, the release was postponed several times until the game finally got the final release date – February 15

On February 7-10, the developers conducted a technical multiplayer test, during which players could not create a lobby with friends and stop in with the same match. As it turned out, there will be no such possibility on the release.

Initially, the information was shared by one of the developers on the official channel Crackdown 3 in Discord, and later it was confirmed by creative director Joseph Staten on his twitter.

Not on release, no. Expect news of our plans to support the game after the release.

It is unclear what is the reason for the lack of such a seemingly basic function on the release – especially in a multiplayer-oriented game.

Crackdown 3 will be released on February 15 – on the same day, Game Pass subscribers will receive it. The first part, meanwhile, is distributed free of charge


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