“Iron Fist” was the most successful premiere of the year on Netflix


The scandalous show was watched more often than others in blocks of several episodes. Reported Variety with reference to the analytical company 7Park Data.

According to 7Park Data, 54.7% of the viewers of Iron Fist watched three or more episodes on the first day. On average, for shows with hourly episodes, this figure is about 46.9%.

Moreover, on March 17, the series accounted for 14.6% of all streams on Netflix in general. This is a record for all shows that 7Park Data rated. For comparison, “Very strange things” accounted for 4% of the audience, “Luke Cage” – 12.8%, and the second season of “Daredevils” – 13.8%.

The relationship between critics and love of the masses has always been complex. Remember the 70s, 80s and 90s, when many popular TV shows didn’t even have an Emmy award. Real streaming data tells us that the best shows for critics are far from the same as the best shows for viewers. And “Iron Fist” is a vivid example.Christopher KobiLead Analyst 7Park Data

At the moment, the rating of “Iron Fist” on Metacritic is 37%, and on the Rotten Tomatoes – 17%.

On March 8, critics who watched the first six episodes of The Fist smashed the show, criticizing it for the lack of intrigue and villain, as well as for the poor staging of battle scenes. The latter was most often blamed for the lead of Finn Jones, noting that it was worth taking an Asian actor in his place.

Nevertheless, on March 17, many viewers were quick to disagree with the critics.


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