Google does not plan to reduce the service fee from sales in its store

Now on Google Play it is equal to 30%, as in the App Store.

At the meeting of investors, the head of Google, Sundaru Pichai, was asked about the appropriateness of the current store operation strategy against the background of the trend to abandon the usual 30% collection.

In 2018, major players in the market began increasingly to abandon Google Play in favor of their own launchers, so as not to share a large share of revenue. So, for example, Epic Games entered with Fortnite, calling 30% too great a price. Moreover, the company intends to launch its Epic Games Store on mobile devices.

Sundar Pichai, apparently, does not share the doubts of investors. In his words , 30% – the industry standard that Google will follow. At least for now.

Thousands of developers rely on Google Play as a safe and affordable game distribution site for billions of Android users around the world. And we continue to invest in our infrastructure to ensure this security.

It seems to me that it is worth it – this is a well-established industry standard, and I think that we will follow it. However, of course, we always adapt to the state of the market.Sundar Pichaihead of google

And the state of the market is beginning to change. Earlier, in 2018, Valve reduced theshare of fees on Steam from 30% to 25% and 20%, depending on the size of the total revenue from the product, and in the recently launched, but for the PC only, Epic Games Store, it is only 12% for all .

Obviously, not all companies can afford to release the game on Android, bypassing Google Play, however, using the example of Fortnite and Epic Games, many were convinced that this is still possible.

He does not reduce the share of fees yet and Apple in his App Store, however, according to the media, the company is about to launch its subscription gaming service, where it wants to become a publisher of projects included in its library. Thus, it will be able to take on the cost of promoting the game itself, giving developers more favorable conditions.


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