Apple sued due to “too complex” two-factor authentication

Many companies are trying to maximally protect their users from hackers, special services and the like, as well as data theft if electronic devices are lost. But not all users are happy with what algorithms for it are used . So, against Apple sued because of two-factor authentication – it was called difficult, inconvenient and requiring undue attention.

In the lawsuit against Apple, Jay Brodsky complains that after activating two-factor authentication, it can no longer be disabled. The company, he said, does not secure the explicit consent of the user after the function is turned on, which also “imposes” a procedure that requires not only remembering the password, but also access to a trusted device or phone number.

The plaintiff claims that two-factor authentication brings him suffering and results in the loss of personal time (for Brodsky – two to five minutes at a time, for journalists – 22 seconds), as well as money. The American demands to prohibit the “imposition” of two-factor authentication and impose several fines on Apple.


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