EA has blocked Apex Legends and Anthem in Iran because of sanctions


The support service was unable to help gamers from the region.

Hamidreza Nikoofar, a composer and sound designer from Iran, told in his blog that local players cannot access Apex Legends games and the Anthem demo. In this case, all previous titles EA are functioning properly.

While gamers get out of the situation, using VPN-services, which in turn causes a number of new inconveniences, including high ping.

Together with his comrades, Nikufar turned to EA technical support regarding problems with Apex Legends. In the screenshots presented by the composer, it is clear that the support staff immediately stopped the dialogue when they found out that a player from Iran was addressing them. In most cases, they did not explain the cause of the problem.

One of the users still managed to get an answer, in which tech support confirmed that the blocking of games was connected with the US sanctions against Iran.

At the moment, it is not possible to access Anthem from Iran, as [EA] acts in accordance with US bans and sanctions.

EA Support

A similar situation, according to Nikufar, is observed with The Division 2 beta.

Understand me correctly, Iranians are people too, we are gamers, we love to play games and develop them. Iran is one of the largest video game markets in the Middle East. I myself am a developer, and at the end of the day I want to be able to play those games for which I paid in “figure”.

I pre-ordered Anthem, because I liked this game, and I paid more than $ 60 to be able to play. And now I find out that I can not do this.

Hamidreza Nikufarsound designer

US sanctions against Iran have been in effect since 1979 after the Islamic revolution. Restrictions were removed and revised several times, but in November 2018, the United States returned the restrictions in full.


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