Warner Bros. working on the spin-off “Aquaman” – the film will be horror


A painting called The Trench tells about the sea monsters of the Fallen.

Fallen in Aquaman

  • The screenplay for the upcoming film will be written by Noah Gardner and Aidan Fitzgerald, who worked as assistants in the JJ Abrams studio during the shooting of Super 8. Among the producers of The Trench came James Van – director of “Aquaman”, also known for the horror “Saw” and “Astral”.
  • The plot of The Trench unfolds in the eponymous underwater kingdom, which in translation into Russian was called the “Hollow”. She has already been shown in “Aquaman” together with the inhabitants of the kingdom, the Fallen. What exactly will tell The Trench, is still unknown.
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The fallen  first appeared in the DC comics in 2011. Aquaman Vol 7 # 16

  • The budget of the future picture will be more modest than the rest of DC movie films. Who will play the main roles in The Trench, is now not disclosed, but the project just will not appear Jason Momoa and the rest of the cast of Aquaman.

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