The owner of the world’s largest collection of video games announced the loss of nine valuable titles after visits of journalists


As a result, the enthusiast decided to no longer allow all visitors who are interested in his gaming library into his house.

Australian Joel Hopkins has been collecting his collection for over 20 years and has spent about two million dollars on it. He managed to collect about 18 thousand physical copies of video games – and enter the Guinness Book of Records.

However, on February 7, Hopkins in his blog reported that nine expensive games were missing from his library. According to Hopkins, he was often visited from major television channels and print media to interview and look at the collection – and one of the guests, apparently, stole several exhibits.

Hopkins talks about what happened with a mark of 11:29.

Joel Hopkins did not say who he specifically suspected of the theft, and noted that he had no direct evidence. Nevertheless, the enthusiast decided that he would no longer allow anyone into the house who was interested in the collection. Instead, Hopkins decided to develop a virtual tour of his own home so that anyone could look at his collection on the Internet.

The last who could live to see the Hopkins library were professional wrestlers AJ Styles, Kofi Kingston and Javier Woods, who have long been called video game fans.

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