The player broke the world record, completing the “sex passing” of all parts of Fallout in 23 minutes.


The goal of speedran is to have sex in every game as quickly as possible.

The player with the nickname tomatoanus, holding the world record for the high-speed passage of the Fallout anthology, broke his own time in the category “sex% run”.

He managed to create a character and have sex in each of the games of the main series – four “number” parts and New Vegas – in just 23 minutes and 7 seconds. The previous speedranner record is 24 minutes and 6 seconds

Tomatoanus spent most of its time on Fallout 4 – it takes a lot of time for introductory scenes. In order to spend less time in dialogues, the speedrunner installed a German voice acting in the game (usually French is used in the walkthroughs from beginning to end).

Under the conditions of speedran, players can use bugs. Therefore, it is technically possible to have sex in Fallout 3 when the main character is only ten years old – it is at this stage that you can get out of Shelter 101, where, according to the plot, a character was born.

Tomatoanus is a Fallout Sprana Specialist. In the summer of 2018, he managed to complete each of the games in an hour and a half


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