Speedranner passed the Fallout anthology in an hour and a half


For this, he used broken legs and Italian.

Speedranner under the name of tomatoanus posted on YouTube a video with the passage of the Fallout anthology, which includes number parts and Fallout: New Vegas. It took him 1:29:47 without taking into account the loading screens and switching between games. Now his result is published on the portal .

In the passage, he relied on the Any% category – this means that you can install light complexity, as well as use various bugs. An anthology of tomatoanus was held on a PC without any modifications.

On a separate page, the speedranner posted answers to frequently asked questions. He clarified that Tactics and Brotherhood of Steel are not part of the anthology in the Fallout fan community, therefore the speedy passage of the collection counts without them. In addition, he shared some secrets – for example, bugs that “break” the animation of characters, allowing them to move faster.

So tomatoanus sped up his character in Fallout 3 – if you use fast saving, break your leg (say, jumping off a cliff), and then boot up very quickly, the game will incorrectly cheat the parameters and charge the hero + 60% speed. Italian also helped speedraner in Fallout: New Vegas – the initial dialogue with Doc Mitchell is not lost, therefore tomatoanus chose the language with the shortest animation of the dialogs.

Speedranner also explained what Fallout 76 is waiting for and plans to play it with friends. If the game has a storyline, then in this part he will try to set a record of high-speed transmission.


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