Former employees of Telltale Games have founded an AdHoc studio – they will create interactive cinema


According to the developers, they will focus on the audience Netflix.

Four people who previously worked at Telltale Games, founded their own gaming company, in which they intend to develop the ideas of interactive cinema.

Three of them participated in the creation of the first two seasons of The Walking Dead, as well as The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands – game directors Nick Hermann and Dennis Lenart, as well as lead screenwriter Pierre Chorett.

AdHoc Studio employees have experience in the film and television industry, as well as in AAA gaming companies – including Ubisoft. Initially, they wanted to implement their ideas there, but, according to the developers, it was too difficult to get approval from the management.

Nick Herman said that AdHoc will focus on the audience of streaming services. For example, on Netflix viewers who have already shown interest in interactive cinema due to the success of the special episode of the Black Mirror series – Bandersnatch .

What exactly will be the first project of the company and with whom they cooperate, the founders of the studio have not yet disclosed. However, the developers say that their goal is to make the interaction between players and characters deeper and more dramatic.

All current AdHoc employees left Telltale several years before a major wave of layoffsin the fall of 2018, when the company canceled all upcoming releases and cut almost all the staff.

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