EA’s quarterly report: The Sims 4 has generated over $ 1 billion in revenue since its release.


In the published financial report Electronic Arts, we are talking about the future of the series The Sims. According to the data provided, the fourth part of the life simulator brought the publisher more than $ 1 billion in revenue, and the player base is growing day by day.

The Sims continues to thrive: The Sims 4 community grew to 4.8 million unique players last year, and the total revenue of the game since its release exceeded $ 1 billion. 

We have big plans for the development of the series. In the next financial year, it is planned to release over 20 content updates and paid add-ons on PCs, consoles and mobile platforms.

EA’s Quarterly Results (Q3 FY19)

The Sims 4 was released in 2014 and received cool reviews from players and critics. At the beginning of the last fiscal year, a wave of layoffs passed in the Maxis studio: about 20 employees lost their jobs.

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