EA played a recent drop in the price of its shares after the success of Apex Legends

The release date of the game was successful.

After a predominantly negative quarterly report , in which the publisher admitted that sales of Battlefield V fell short of expectations, the value of EA shares plunged by more than 13%, but the company almost immediately managed to reverse the trend.

By February 8, EA’s stock prices had risen to $ 95 for the first time since the fall of 2018, when the company began to depreciate amid the transfer of Battlefield V and the unsuccessful advertising campaign of the game.

There is no talk about a global reversal of the trend. In the summer of 2018, EA shares cost about $ 150, and only in the beginning of 2019, the situation began to change for the better.

Dynamics for half a year

Positive changes in recent days, analysts attributed the success of Apex Legends. For three days, the Respawn shooter attracted 10 million players, which Fortnite Battle Royale managed to achieve in only two weeks.

For three days in Apex Legends played 10 million users 


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