Chuckie is back: trailer remake of “Children’s Games”


Restarting a series of films about the killer doll will be released worldwide on June 21.

Orion Pictures has released the debut trailer for the film Child’s Play (“Kids Games”). This is a restart of a series of horror about the doll Chucky, in which the main roles were played by Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Atlanta”) and Gabriel Beitman (“And the lights go out”).

According to the story, a young mother named Karen gives her son a Buddi doll. However, due to a software crash, the toy becomes a cruel killer and pursues its own owners.

The modern version of the “Children’s Games” was filmed by the Norwegian director Lars Klevberg, known for the Polaroid horror. The picture was written by Tyler Burton Smith, who previously worked on the games Sleeping Dogs and Quantum Break.

Don Mancini – the creator of the character Chucky and the author of scenarios for all previous parts of the series “Children’s Games” – did not participate in the production of the upcoming film.

The original horror “Kids Games” appeared on the screens of cinemas in 1988. In it, Chucky was a puppet obsessed with the spirit of a serial killer. In total in the series “Children’s Games” seven pictures were published.

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