Apple fixed a bug with hidden eavesdropping on FaceTime


It took Apple a week and a half to release an update that closed the problem with the FaceTime application. At the end of January, users discovered that when they call a FaceTime, the microphone of the second device is activated before they answer the incoming one, and this allows them to eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. At the same time, it turned out that the front camera is also activated when the power button is pressed.

Shortly after the discovery of the bug, Apple closed group calls to FaceTime, through which it was possible to eavesdrop or spy on people. And now iOS version 12.1.4 is available for iOS users – the problem, according toApple, is completely eliminated.

Curiously, the teenager was the first to find a bug in FaceTime . He told his mother about this and she tried to get in touch with Apple for a week without being answered to the woman. Kupertintsy came to their senses only when almost all the media began to write about the FaceTime problem.


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