One big disappointment? Radeon VII tested in games


Today in the West started selling graphics card AMD Radeon VII. It is available in very limited quantities. In Britain, for example, there will be only 100 video cards in retail, in France and Spain – 20 each. On the eve, the video card fell into the hands of certain specialized resources: its performance, energy efficiency and noise from the cooling system were criticized.

Great testing of new games in current games was held by journalists from TechPowerUp site . In Full HD-resolution, the novelty sometimes delivers a frame rate even lower than the RTX 2070 video card. And in 2K and 4K resolution, it cannot reach the top NVIDIA graphics card.

Test result in FUll HD and 2k Resoulation

Test result in 4k Resoulation

Radeon VII is the first video card on the 7-nanometer process technology. The video card shows a good performance boost compared with the previous generation of AMD. However, it can not with the RTX 2080. Competitor is on average 14% faster, and even the GTX 1080 Ti is on average 5% ahead of the AMD product. Surveyors noted that, compared with the RTX 2080, the lower price of the Radeon VII still seems a bit high. Moreover, under load, the cooling system of the video card is noisy. And in idle the fans still continue to work. Though very quiet.


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