New Essential Phone will get a screen with adjustable transparency


The Essential Phone from Andy Rubin (the father of Android) was released a year and a half ago, and since then there’s almost nothing about the successor. It was rumored that the company had big problems, and sales of the debut gadget were very scarce. But, judging by the new information , Rubin still dare to release a new device.

At one time, Essential Phone was one of the first smartphones with “monobrow”. Manufacturers go to different tricks to increase the screen area, and the “bang” is already considered too simple a solution: now either the slider appears, the sliding block with the selfie-camera, or the sensor is embedded in the display. But the second generation Essential Phone seems to go the furthest: the front camera should be under thescreen.

The idea is that the OLED-matrix (almost certainly it will be she, not LCD) will be able to change the degree of transparency. When a selfie camera is not needed, the user does not see it, and when you need to make a video call or record Stories, the photosensor is before your eyes.

In addition, Essential Phone 2 will receive a built-in fingerprint scanner, as described in the company’s recent patent.


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