BioWare Reveals Plan to Release Content for Anthem


There are no specific dates in it.

According to the roadmap, the first major updates will begin in March, along with the act “Echoes of reality.” After that, in 2019 two more chapters will be released, but it is unknown when to wait for them.

“Echoes of reality” will consist of three major updates: “The Developing World”, “Together – Stronger” and “Cataclysm”. The latter, apparently, will be devoted to the funnel in the sky, which appeared in the game at the very end of the open demo. Earlier, BioWare said that what the players saw was only the initial stage of the phenomenon – what will happen next is still unknown.

Judging by the plan, during the first act, players will receive new events that increase the stability of the patches, an expanded system of progression, another strike in addition to three on the release and story missions.

For what period the content of the first act will be released is unclear – the plan only states that it will be released in March, but this does not mean that players will receive all of the above until the end of the month.

As already confirmed earlier, Anthem’s storyline add-ons will be free, but BioWare does not deny that if it releases, for example, a new javelina, then it may be paid.

Anthem will be released on February 22 – EA Access subscribers will be able to play a 10-hour trial version from the 15th, and for Origin Access Premier users this will be the full version of the game.


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