The Phoenix Point strategy from the creator of the X-COM series was postponed to June 2019


Initially, the “spiritual heir” of the franchise was supposed to come out before the end of 2018.

Game Designer Julian Gollop (Julian Gollop) announced that the release of Phoenix Point had to be postponed for at least six months. According to him, the developers took this decision “in the best interests of the project”, and the extra time will help them to fully realize the potential of the game

Gollop noted that work on the strategy was progressing significantly slower than he had planned. However, the team has already grown to 35 people “from all over the world”, and none of the developers want to sacrifice the quality of the game in order to release it earlier.

The game designer also thanked the fans for their support and added that Snapshot Games will continue to release new versions of Phoenix Point every two months. Access will be received by anyone who has preordered an expanded digital edition.

The X-COM “spiritual heir” crowdfunding campaign was launched in April 2017, during which more than 760 thousand dollars were raised.

According to the co-founder of the studio developer, the company earns about $ 100,000 a month from pre-orders of the game, so there are no problems with financing.


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