Kommersant: Apple against pre-installation of Russian software on their devices


The Kommersant publication, citing its sources, reported that Apple sent a negative review to the new initiative of the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) of Russia. It implies the mandatory installation of certain software on the device – otherwise the manufacturer will have problems with the sale of their products on the Russian market.

At the moment, the draft amendments to the laws “On Communication” and “On Information” have not yet been adopted, but it has already been sent to the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media. Among the innovations are the mandatory installation of Russian software and the ability to completely remove foreign pre-installed programs if they do not affect the operation of the device. A list of this software will be determined by the government. Previously reported that among the software – a browser, antivirus, instant messenger and a program of the Hell.

The negative reaction of Apple, which is reported by Kommersant, is clear: the corporation is famous for the closeness of its operating systems macOS and iOS, which do not allow deep user intervention.

According to Kommersant sources, the main lobbyist of the bill is called Yandex: the company pays tens of millions of dollars annually for pre-installing their products on smartphones, and if the amendments are adopted, it will not have to pay these funds.


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