Chapter Respawn: Apex Legends – is not the only game in the universe Titanfall, which will be released 2019 year


The studio is working on something else.

A day after the release of the “royal battle” Apex Legends , the general director of Respawn Entertainment Vince Zampella (Vince Zampella) said on his twitter that this is not the only game in the universe of Titanfall, which is worked on in the company.

The developer even paid special attention to this.

We have so many different plans for the future of Apex Legends. And we intend to carefully listen to all the wishes of the players. In addition, we are working on another game on Titanfall, which will be released later this year (yes, I said the word “T”). We are very glad that we can experiment in this universe!

He did not specify what it would be for the game, but, apparently, it would be another spin-off, and not the number part.

Earlier in a conversation with Eurogamer, producer Drew McCoy claimed that the company didn’t work on Titanfall 3, and Apex Legends “grew” from individual ideas intended to continue.

At the same time, Zampella also does not mean a joint VR project with Oculus, which was announced back in 2017. The studio has already stated that it has nothing to do with Titanfall, or to “Star Wars”.

In response to fan speculation, Respawn CEO emphasized that the game has nothing to do with virtual reality.

The shareware Apex Legends came out on PC, PS4 and Xbox One simultaneously with the first presentation on February 4 and in eight hours managed to overcome themark of a million unique players.


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