World of Tanks version 1.4 added wheeled tanks and multithreading support.


World of Tanks released an update for number 1.4, in which wheeled vehicles were added to the game, multithreading support, personal combat missions were changed, and an updated “Lost City” map was returned. The wheeled vehicle was added to the French branch of the tanks.

Among the new products are six tanks of the 6th to 10th levels and one premium tank of the 8th level. According to the developers, all these machines were embodied in metal, but the tank of the 10th level was slightly modified compared to the prototype. Wheeled vehicles have two driving modes: as the level of technology grows, the difference between normal and high-speed mode increases markedly. But they do not know how to turn around.

One of the important innovations was the support of multi-threaded rendering. The developers claim that it did not make sense to introduce it earlier, because most of the “tank crews” played on computers with 2-core processors. Whereas today 60% of players in World of Tanks have computers with quad-core processors. Support for multi-threaded rendering was developed in close collaboration with Intel.

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