The largest mobile operator fools subscribers with a 5G icon


American IT resources are actively discussing the marketing strategy chosen by AT & T, the largest local operator. The strategy is called dishonest and misleading (this is if you smooth the epithets to the company). As Gizmodo writes , Apple connected to the “action”.

Apple released the beta version of iOS 12.2, in which the 5G E icon appeared (the letter E is noticeably reduced and lost in the interface). It appears when the subscriber connects to the LTE network of the cellular operator. It includes support for 4X4 MIMO, which uses more antennas for data transmission, as well as 256-QAM, which increases the “width” of the channel.

In theory, this allows you to increase the speed of data transmission, however, it will not come close to the 5G indicators. As noted by 9to5Mac, some Android smartphones also display the 5G E icon.

Probably, AT & T intends to show everyone that it “bypassed all competitors.”

In the past, Apple has already connected to AT & T’s marketing campaigns, which promoted 3G (HSPA +) as 4G, writes The Verge. By the way, not a single iPhone 5G connection is supported and will probably not be supported until 2020.


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