Respawn plans to introduce cross-play in Apex Legends


True, there will be no cross-progression.

There was no opportunity to play with friends on other platforms in Apex Legends, but Respawn confirmed to Eurogamer that the introduction of this feature is already in its plans.

However, the developers immediately noted that it is not worth waiting for cross-progression, as well as general in-game purchases, since the foundation of the system on which the game is built does not allow it.

In other words, to enter, for example, into your account on PS4 and continue to play with all the progress made on the PC will not work, just like buy an item on Xbox One and use it on PS4.

Cross-play itself is also not an easy task, since we are talking about managing using different input devices, not to mention the fact that on the PS4 it’s not yet so easy to connect the function due to Sony’s limitations, which the company is slowly removing.

Earlier in a conversation with Game Informer producer Apex Legends told why there is no parkour and titans in it, expressed an opinion about competitors and assured that Respawn itself decided to make such a game.


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