In the “royal battle” Apex Legends from the creators of Titanfall have already played more than a million people

Yesterday, late evening, Electronic Arts and Respawn Studio, responsible for the two parts of the Titanfall shooter, presented a new game in the royal battle genre. Apex Legends was released free of charge for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and in the first eight hours attracted the attention of 1 million unique players.

About this in his Twitter account, said Vince Zampell, head of the studio Respawn: “Thank you for coming and becoming part of it.”

Apex Legends is part of the Titanfall universe. Events in it develop 30 years after the Titanfall 2 final in a cluster of planets on the edge of Frontier. The matches on the gradually diminishing Kings Canyon map include up to 60 people divided into 20 teams of three participants.

The game has eight classes with certain passive and active abilities. Titans and a characteristic parkour for the past game developers in Apex Legends no.


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