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In China, disable AI, which is looking for corrupt officials among civil servants


In China, they made a decision to stop the work of a system capable of calculating potential corrupt officials from among state employees. Since her work, Zero Trust has indicated 8721 people since 2012 who could use their position for their own purposes. According to experts, the platform is probably effective, but the AI ​​cannot explain why the suspicion fell on this or that person.

“In most cases, the system is right, but you need to connect people to get the big picture, ” said people familiar with the Zero Trust work algorithms.

The system analyzes 150 closed databases, obtains additional information from open sources, and is able to notice “strange” payments, acquisitions, contracts, and so on in no time. In the event that a danger marker is triggered, the suspect can be contacted and warned: “You are on a slippery slope.”

Of those who were found out (in embezzlement, abuse of power and means, nepotism) only a few people were severely punished – they were sent to jail. Usually, there was enough reprimand and warning.

However, Zero Trust began to disconnect. The exact reasons are not indicated, and the authorities do not want to comment on the situation. It is said that civil servants feel constant pressure from the invisible AI.


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