Apple bypassed Microsoft for a couple of seconds as the most expensive company


At the last auction on Monday, Apple was able for a couple of seconds to take away from Microsoft the title of the most expensive public company. At that time, its market capitalization was at just under $ 807 billion. At the same time, Amazon was worth about $ 1.2 billion less, Microsoft – $ 200 million less.

A couple of moments later, the software corporation took first place from a competitor, at the close of trading it was estimated at $ 811.3 billion. However, these few seconds were enough for the global news agencies to tell about fleeting superiority of Apple.

It is noted that after the financial report, which many called not too inspiring, Apple shares lost in price and traded at $ 145. However, then the situation improved and the stock price rose to $ 171.

Earlier, analysts from Morgan Stanley said that in 2019, Apple’s market capitalization could again exceed a trillion dollars.


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