The authors of Total War and Alien: Isolation are working on a “new tactical shooter”

The company is looking for a leading surrounding artist.

Studio Creative Assembly, known for the development of the Total War series, as well as the horror of Alien: Isolation and the Halo Wars 2 strategy, published on its website the vacancy of the leading environmental artist for some new franchise.

According to the company, it is trying to work on something new, so its employees are creating a tactical first-person shooter. Thus, Creative Assembly confirmed the development of a new project, despite the lack of official announcements.

According to the job description, the employee will have to lead a team of artists who will create a “believable world.” Also, the candidate will have to evaluate the work of his subordinates, and be responsible for creating assets and all the stages of “construction” of surrounding locations.

The employee must understand the workflows when creating games and, at the expert level, own the required programs, for example 3DS Max, Maya, Zbrush and Substance. At the same time, the announcement separately states that the advantage of the candidate will be experience with offline rendering and real-time graphics rendering, as well as basic knowledge of level design.

Additional details of the project are unknown, as the studio did not tell anything about any of the elements of the upcoming shooter. Judging by the description of the position and potential responsibilities, work on the game, most likely, began recently.


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