Resident Evil 2 remake fans are working on a fixed- camera mod


Developers are planning to specially redesign the lighting and aiming system.

Since mid-January, a moder with the nickname Enveloping Sounds has been trying to add a fixed camera to the remake of Resident Evil 2, just like the original game for the first PlayStation.

The developer has published several videos as an example. One of them shows an introduction to Leon’s campaign, and the other shows a scene with Claire in an orphanage.

So far, the work of Enveloping Sounds is at the concept stage – it only selects the right angles for different episodes of the game.

However, Moder has already talked about the main difficulties that may arise with the replacement of the “from behind the shoulder” type with a fixed camera.

Due to the fact that in the remake of Resident Evil 2 they place great emphasis on the use of a flashlight, the lighting system will need to be reworked. Otherwise, in the dark rooms, players will see almost nothing.

Enveloping Sounds believes that additional light sources will have to be added to the game in order for the potential mod to be “beautiful and practical”.

In addition, the developer noted that the horror will have to add auto-targeting.

This is not the first such modification – Resident Evil 2 fans are also working on a modification from a first-person perspective. Earlier in the seventh part of the series, we found a frame of an early prototype of the game with such a camera.


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