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We talk about the games of the next month.


Price: 435 rubles on Steam , 1311 rubles on MS Store , 1245 rubles on eShop .

Studio Chucklefish opens the indie season of 2019 with a very interesting project: Wargroove is the return of ideas from the Advance Wars console series, only tanks and soldiers were replaced by knights and magic.

Detailed animated units, vigorous and diverse music, 50 hours of single-player campaign and cross-platform multiplayer – Wargroove deserves attention at least. Especially when you consider high enough press ratings. 

Wargroove was released on February 1 on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. On the PS4, the game will be released “soon.”

If you like: turn-based strategies, cute pixel art and fantastic fantasy.

God Eater 3

Price: the price of the game is not indicated on Steam , its page is not yet available in the European PS Store.

God Eater is a series of role-playing games, reminiscent of Monster Hunter. Here you also need to hunt huge creatures, collect materials for crafting and create new weapons and armor. Going to battle with the Arags – these very monsters are called here – can be the four of us. And you can have opponents during the battle, and the battles themselves are much faster than in Monster Hunter.

God Eater 3 – the first part of the series, which will not work on portable consoles. It would seem that developers should no longer have technical limitations, but the picture does not look much better than in the God Eater Resurrection with the PlayStation Vita.

Judging by the videos and interviews of the authors, the gameplay of the third part will remain almost the same as before. But there will be new types of weapons – daggers Biting Edge and Heavy Moon, which has two forms: a huge chakra and ax.

In addition, God Eater 3 adds a new multiplayer mode – Assault. In it, players will meet with particularly strong Arags, to win over which will require a group of eight people. – 

God Eater 3 will be released on February 8 on PC and PlayStation 4

If you love: Monster Hunter, kill huge creatures in the company of friends, a disproportionately large weapon.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Price: 1499 rubles on Steam .

So it turns out that Civilization is really revealed only a couple of years after the release – when all the global add-ons for the game come out. This was the case with the fifth part when the latest DLC Brave New World was released, and now, apparently, Firaxis does not change its traditions.

In Gathering Storm, the strategy of the game is almost completely changed. In addition to the features of Rise and Fall, where governors and epochs appeared, a player may encounter natural disasters arising both from the will of the elements and from man. For example, excessive mining increases the level of CO2 in the atmosphere and, as a result, global warming begins – up to flooding of coastal areas.

In addition, the World Congress and the diplomatic victory return to the sixth part. One gets the feeling that they were removed in the “vanilla” version only to be added again. But thanks to that.

In general, two and a half years after the release, the sixth part will finally sparkle with new colors. If anyone doubted the release, take the game or not, now is the time to join it

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm is released on February 14 on the PC.

If you like: strategies from Firaxis, practice diplomacy.

Jump force

Price: from 1999 to 3329 rubles on Steam , from 4299 to 6999 rubles on the PS Storeand MS Store .

This fighting game may well claim to be the wildest anime crossover in history. In it on the battlefield heroes of famous franchises will face, starting with Dragon Ball and Naruto and ending with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. But this fighting game for the western player is not the most familiar one – it is tag (3v3), the life bar is one for the whole team, and the camera is located not at the side, but behind the fighter.

For pre-order games give three suits for your avatar and transport for the lobby. In the “delux” edition, in addition to the game, there is also access to 9 new heroes, and in the “ultimatum”, in addition, exclusive T-shirts for the avatar, a starter kit with in-game items and three days of early access to the game. 

Jump Force will be released on February 15 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

If you love: orator, do kamehameha and razengan in person, and all that jazz.

Metro exodus

Price: from 4099 to 5299 rubles in the PS Store and MS Store , from 1999 to 2999 rubles in the Epic Games Store .

A week and a half before the release, Metro Exodus is riveted on the players’ particular attention. But they are not discussing the features of the game, but the Deep Silver solution for a whole year selling the PC version of the third part of the series exclusively at the Epic Games Store.

Meanwhile, it is likely that Metro Exodus will be the best game from the trilogy. Judging by the recent previews , the developers make a special emphasis on the unique setting and the atmosphere of the post-apocalypse.

The linear levels of the first two games were replaced by open and diverse hub locations, which the player can explore in two ways: covertly or by shooting each counter mutant. Exodus will also have occasional events in which you can take part. But it will not come to full side quests and RPG elements.

However, in the same preview, journalists point out some problems: “crooked” animation, slow pace, lack of motivation to explore open locations. Some of these problems (animation) stretched from the time of Metro 2033, but in past games the main story and atmosphere could outweigh the annoying cons. If the developers once again manage to focus the players on the merits of the game, the third part of Metro can be one of the main releases of the year.

Metro Exodus is released on February 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you like: shooters, dark atmosphere, listen to a speech with a terrible accent, go out of the subway on the street.

Crackdown 3

Price: 3937 rubles (60 dollars) in the MS Store , Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to the full version of the game on the day of release.

The main thing that Crackdown 3 remembers in recent years is humorous commercials with actor Terry Crews. In all other respects, the game looks like the most common action in an open world, the release of which was to take place on the last generation of consoles.

The situation is not saved and the promises of developers to present in the game a revolutionary system of destruction of each object using the cloud technology Microsoft Azure. It will be available only in multiplayer.

However, you should not completely write off Crackdown 3 from the accounts. The game can be a good entertainment for a couple of evenings. The main thing is not to expect more from it.

Crackdown 3 is released on February 15 on Xbox One and PC.

If you like: third person action games, Terry Crews jokes, games from Xbox 360.

Far cry new dawn

Price: from 1849 to 1949 rubles on Steam , from 2999 to 3699 rubles on the PS Storeand Microsoft Store .

This is the second time that Ubisoft re-uses the card from its already released game in a new release. In Far Cry Primal, players ran across locations from Far Cry 4, but most of them didn’t even notice this – the developers redid the rest.

In Far Cry New Dawn, everything is more honest – we are returning to Hope County 17 years after the nuclear disaster. Only instead of a gloomy post-apocalypse, a bright one is waiting for us – nature has not perished, but, on the contrary, has blossomed with the most rich colors.

For Ubisoft, New Dawn is not only a budget way to support a franchise while the next number is being prepared (the game is sold in the US for $ 40, although there is almost no difference in AAA from the Russian Steam), but also a field for experimentation. On this spin-off, the studio is clearly rolling in the gradual movement of the franchise in the direction of the current Assassin’s Creed – here you can find weapons crafting, levels of opponents, and even reusable events on the map, as in the MMO.

Most importantly, New Dawn corrects Far Cry 5’s main mistake – the villains no longer kidnap the main character, forcibly pulling him out of the open world.

Now, the new Sudden Far Cry seems somewhat contrived, but Ubisoft still knows how to make pleasant surprises. Perhaps the game will be just that Far Cry 5, which we deserved initially.

Far Cry New Dawn is released on February 15 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you like: Far Cry 5, Ubisoft games, post-apocalypse, dogos.


Price: from 3999 to 4999 rubles in the PS Store and MS Store , 2999 rubles in Origin , Origin Access Premier subscribers on a PC (999 rubles a month or 3999 rubles a year) will receive the full version of the game a week earlier.

There was nothing left before Anthem was released. There are already several stages of testing behind us (we even wrote about it), so the image of the game has more or less taken shape. So far, one thing is clear: Anthem is a game about grind, in which it is fun to fly. Here, teamwork is important, and the main endgame loop, apparently, is the overrun of missions at super-high levels of complexity for the sake of cool loot (like in Diablo 3). Whether this rate is right for you is a matter of personal preference.

The main question remains only: whether BioWare will be able to keep the audience after the game. The authors say that Anthem is a game service for those who do not have a lot of free time. But there is a risk of stepping on the same rake as Destiny 2 at the start, when hardcore players mastered all the content in a few days, and ordinary players went through the main story and left the game forever. It will be interesting to know how the developers will solve this problem.

Anthem comes out February 22 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Subscribers to EA services will be able to try the game starting from February 15.

If you like: Iron Man, BioWare’s new worlds, fly and grind.

Trials rising

Price: from 1499 to 2199 rubles in the PS Store , from 1799 to 2199 rubles in the MS Store , from 1299 to 1799 rubles on Steam , there is no pre-order in the eShop.

It hardly makes sense to explain in detail what Trials Rising is about – everybody heard about the series of motorcycle arcades. There is a bike, there are hardcore tracks, there are tests, there is a ridiculous physics – then it is up to you.

Rising continues the already familiar formula. There is better graphics, gameplay twisted, new events, more crazy locations, but the foundation is the same. If you played Elasto Mania or Excitebike, you will not need to go long. Interestingly, in this part of Trials returns in our time (the action of Fusion occurred in the future). So now you will have the opportunity to ride on the Egyptian pyramids. Or ride a bike on the Eiffel Tower. It doesn’t sound so bad. 

Trials Rising is released on February 26th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

If you like: motorcycles, crazy stunts, watch how little men are tormented and suffer.

Stellaris: Console Edition

Price: from 2849 to 4299 rubles in PS Store , from 1699 to 2499 rubles in MS Store .

Two years later, Stellaris still gets to the consoles. Paradox for the first time try their hand outside the PC, but there seems to be no reason to doubt them. All DLCs will also be added to the console version – but after the release.

One of the main features of Stellaris is the wealth of opportunities for role-playing. We have a whole series of articles about this . Read, if you want to understand what’s what. 

Stellaris: Console Edition will be released on February 26 on PS4 and Xbox One.

If you like: 4X strategies from Paradox, build space empires, enslave the weak.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Price: 1999 rubles on Steam , from 3999 to 5199 rubles in the PS Store, from 3799 to 4599 rubles in the MS Store .

If Dirt is a more or less accessible part of the Colin McRae series (although the name of the rider has already been removed from it), then Dirt Rally is a game for those who love hardcore and realism in rally. Better get a good steering wheel at once for full sensations.

The main feature of Rally 2.0 is the so-called track degradation. That is, the track will change after the car passes through it. So, in fact, each race will have its own unique nuances, even if you ride on the same track. And the quality of the road will be affected by water – not as much as in serious simulators like Project Cars, but perceptible. In general, if rally racing is your cup of tea, then you will definitely have a lesson at the end of winter. 

Dirt Rally 2.0 is released on February 26 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

If you like: dirt, sharp turns, shouting at virtual rivals.


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