The rocket, “broken through” the sky, and a historical record of murders: what ended the fourth season Fortnite

Players are wondering what a large-scale event can mean, and looking for clues in audio effects.

On the evening of June 30, Fortnite fans entered the game to see the launch of the rocket – hints of this event, which the developers had completed their fourth season, had found somewhere a week before.

Unlike the fall of the comet , which everyone saw, no matter when they entered the game, the launch took place only once. Players who missed it can see the event only in the record

There were sirens all over the map, after which the rocket launched from the launch shaft in one of the mountains

While she was rising into the air, a container separated from one of the steps, which fell in the Anarchy Acres location

The rocket took off higher and higher, after which a voice was heard that spoke several phrases, including “setting coordinates”. Then she began to fall, “aiming” with a laser into the ground

The engines started working again, this time the flames in them were green. But the aircraft did not crash to the ground – under it appeared a “crack” in the space into which it flew

Similar “faults” appeared in several places – the rocket teleported, with a roar and a roar appearing from one and flying into another

Finally, at full speed, taking off from the next fault, the rocket took off and disappeared again, leaving behind a huge luminous crack in the sky. This, unlike the others, has not disappeared

So far, fans of online shooter from Epic Games are trying to figure out what it all was and how this event hints at the events of the next game season.

Many agreed that the aliens, around whom the action had unfolded before, tried to return to their home planet, but they did not. Some have suggested that future travel timers await players

My theory about the fifth season after the launch of the rocket: “Blockbuster” tried to return home, but with the rocket there were difficulties. Someone will create a time machine that allows you to teleport and travel through time. We will return to the past

Wormholes, temporary shifts, cracks in the sky? New map, maybe time travel. Nobody knows.

And someone drew attention to the fact that the sounds heard before the rocket “asked the coordinates” have already been heard before

This is the same message we heard in the rocket mine last week.

In addition, energy began to appear on the map, the same as during the teleportation of the rocket. Whether new “faults” will open in space is unclear

Some of the players, instead of costing the theory, began to make jokes

The launch of the rocket at Fortnite left me crippled. What should I do now? What is my purpose in life? What happened to the rocket? So many questions for which there is no answer. Need to eat kebab.

One of the popular topics was including the scandal due to the lack of cross-pleya on PS4

[The crack] came from the weight of all the players on the PlayStation 4 who tried to play in one match with the owners of Xbox One and Switch.

Finally, our waiting for a crossover between PUBG and Fortnite.Caboozelreddit user

In fact, it will be a crossover between the dimension of Sony and other console worlds.persianpenguinreddit user

There were even more insane ideas.

After launch, the rocket explodes the entire map. The dust settles and everything around turns into a mountainous wasteland. Suddenly a portal opens in a crack in the sky. Todd Howard comes out of it and announces that there will be a “royal battle” mode in Fallout 76.supermav27reddit user

But not without scandal. Although the majority of users entered the game in order to observe the event peacefully, there were also those who decided to take advantage of the situation and kill the “spectators”.

One of these players, known by the nickname Elemental_Ray, even set a record for killing in a single match of the “royal battle”. He managed to finish off 48 people, whose attention was completely absorbed by the rocket

Moreover, it turned out that this player had not won a single victory in a solo match before, and his ratio of killings to death is extremely low – 0.54.

According to the rating of players using Fortnite Tracker, Elemental_Ray committed 15 more kills than the previous record holder, the French player Fínest.

Fortnite fans are divided – some congratulate the player who decided to “spoil the holiday” for the rest, while others equate his record with cheating.

Elemental_Ray himself brags about his achievement in social networks. In his Twitter account, he proudly calls himself “the most hated man” in the game.

The next Fortnite season will begin on July 12, and developers will have to tell the details about it in the coming days

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