The creators of Rime announced Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son – a VR game that continues the plot of the film ” Groundhog Day”


Her main character is Phil, the son of character Bill Murray.

Like his father, Phil finds himself in the city of Panksatoni and gets stuck in a time loop. He will have to “learn the true worth of friends and family to avoid a nightmare repeating over and over again.

Developed in conjunction with Sony Pictures Virtual Reality is engaged in the studio Tequila Works, the creators of Deadlight and Rime. Previously, the company was already working on VR games – in 2017, she released detective story The Invisible Hours

The creators promise a non-linear plot and the implementation of the mechanics of the “time loop”. The script is being worked on by James Sicilliano (“Rick and Morty”) and Joshua Rubin from Telltale Games.

The release is scheduled for 2019 for PS VR, HTC Vive and Oculus.

Groundhog Day: Like a VR Like Son Hits PS VR …Hey campers, rise and shine! Raul Rubio here, Creative Director and CEO of Tequila Works. I am so … BLOG.US.PLAYSTATION.COM


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