Normal and twisted jumps in New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe can be reassigned to different buttons only via cheat code


Until it became clear, two movements on the same keys drove Mario to the pit, and gamers into a rage.

In mid-January, Nintendo released the New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe. This is an updated version of the New Super Mario Bros U platformer, which was originally released on Wii U, and is now available on Switch. The reprint received positive reviews from critics – however, gamers responded about the game much more critically.

Particular discontent caused a strange management – Nintendo appointed a normal and twisted jump on the same buttons. Reassign movement in the in-game menu is impossible.

This is the most inexplicable decision of game designers that I saw in the games about MarioNintendo gaming fan at ResetEra

What did the developers think? Just answer, Nintendo – why make such a stupid administration?Commentator on ResetEra

Nintendo has released a template remaster of an already mediocre game. And for some reason, she appointed a normal and twisted jump to the same buttons. Seriously, Nintendo?Metacritic User

Because of non-standard control, gamers often performed an unnecessary jump – because of which Mario and other heroes fell into the abyss over and over again.

Later, one of the users of Reddit discovered how to change the control of the normal and twisted jump. To do this, go to the main menu and hold L and R for a few seconds. As a result, players must hear Kralik’s joyous whoop (Nabbit) – this will mean that the twisted jump has been reassigned to R or to the shaking of Joy-Con, while the usual jump remained on A or B.

A similar layout – the usual jump to A / B, twisted – on R and shaking – was used in the original New Super Mario Bros U. However, why Nintendo didn’t hint at this Easter egg, which made the new players into a frenzy – is unknown.

Video, which shows how to separate the management of the normal and twisted jump in the New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

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