In Fortnite, the event connected with the giant cube ended – the game map has changed again

Kevin’s cube exploded , and the players briefly found themselves inside a strange surrealistic space.

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On the evening of November 4, the big story event in Fortnite: Battle Royale, connected with a giant purple cube, ended. Along with this, the Fortnitemares event, timed for Halloween, ended. More than a million viewers watched the finale of the event on Twitch.

The mysterious giant cube, which the players gave the name Kevin, appeared on the game map at the end of August – immediately after the end of the previous event, when a rift in the sky closed , breaking the line between realities. Soon, players began to notice that the cube was moving and creating zones with low gravity. Eventually, he fell into the lake, and then lifted the whole island into the air

On the evening of November 4, Kevin became unstable, began to spin and pulsate, and then exploded. The explosion sent players into a strange glowing place, vaguely reminiscent of cyberspace. The scene ended with a meeting with a butterfly

That it was the players still have to understand, but what is clear now – the game map has changed again, as after a gap in space. At least in place of the lake, over which Kevin hovered, several small islands were formed.

At the time of this writing, no other changes were noted, including because many players are still unable to return to the game


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