In Fortnite, a rift in the sky closed – he left behind a giant purple cube


A mysterious monolith restores shields and pushes away when touched.

Update on August 26: users report that the mysterious cube began to move somewhere. According to the calculations, he takes one “step” in about an hour and 43 minutes.

On August 24, Fortnite players noticed that from the mysterious rift in the sky – it was there for the entire fifth season – violet lightning began to beat. At first, users felt that the discharge falls into a random place on the map

Lightning from the rift struck the southeastern part of the map! What does it mean?

Then the participants continued the observation. It turned out that lightning still hits almost the same place – a small hill, on which there were several cacti (probably destroyed by lightning). The fewer cacti left, the more often the blows occurred

What happens when lightning destroys the last cactus in Fortnite

Only an hour remained before a certain event in real time (according to leaks, not confirmed). The last cactus is still standing, and lightning strikes every few minutes

Someone tried to get under the category – such players simply threw lightning

At midnight on August 25 (in Moscow) the rift in the sky disappeared, and the lightning bolts stopped. On the hill where the cacti used to stand, a giant purple cube appeared

Cinematic look at the cube / rift mystical event.

Players have already learned the mysterious artifact. If you approach the cube, then on its surface unknown letters will begin to appear. In addition, any character nearby will begin to slowly restore the charge of the shield. If you start shooting a cube, it will start to sparkle with lightning.

In addition, the surface of the artifact is very springy – it repels the characters, if you jump on the cube from above or try to touch the side

Urgent news: the cube is springy

The fifth season of Fortnite was devoted to the event “Clash of the Worlds” – it began with the fact that a rocket was launched into the sky , “breaking through” the crack in reality. Before the start of the season, the developers spent ARG, in which users have found objects from the game in different cities and on Fortnite map, on the contrary, appeared a few objects from the real world

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