“I will carry this cross all my life”: Gadzhi Makhtiev told how the outcome of the authors from the portal happened


According to him, the authors asked for too much money, and the site did not earn anything.

On February 2, the founder of Kanobu, co-owner of the RAWG service, and now also the operating director of Igromania, Haji Makhtiev, told in a series of tweets how the authors of the cult portal proceeded. The story started with a tweet from Svyatoslav Torik from Wargaming: he wrote that he could not forgive Haji Makhtiev for “killing AG”.

In 2011, the portal was owned by Vimpel-Communications (Beeline), which, according to Makhtiev, planned to close the publication. Then just made a deal with “Rambler”, which previously acquired Kanobu Network.

According to Haji Makhtiyev, such an ultimatum was due to the fact that VimpelCom’s top management was changing – so he had to make a decision without the “necessary analysis of an asset and diving into a team. The deal as a result was able to close “exactly 15.12.” needed to be transferred from the Vymplekom servers to the Rambler, and at that moment, according to Makhtiev, the site team led by Andrew Zombiek Shevchenko requested an increase in salaries. “They announced that for her [team] to facilitate the deal, they want certain conditions,” Makhtiyev writes

Haji Makhtiev notes that did not bring money at that moment, and the team requested too much

A little later, he clarified that it was about 500 thousand dollars on the backbone of the team, and also published screenshots of correspondence. “This is about the level of inadequacy in negotiations with the team,” he noted.

Konstantin “bobik” Fomin, one of the authors of, however, did not agree with Makhtiev in assessing the profitability of the portal. Makhtiyev responded by saying that the editors “God forbid 15-25% from their expenses,” and Zombiek “cost the company 10 thousand dollars” and was the most expensive manager in gaming media.

In November 2012, the team in full force left the project – this was allegedly due to the fact that the Kanobu Network “cut off” fees to freelance portal authors by 50%. The retired team founded the portal Riot Pixels .

On February 1, Haji Makhtiyev announced that he had become the operating director of Igromania. On Twitter, he also wrote that before doing “Gambling”, he thought a lot: “Can it work like with AG?”. However, the introductory in these two cases is different. “For my part, I will do everything in my power so that Mania can regain its former greatness,” he writes


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