Fourth season of Fortnite: a location destroyed by a comet and varying gravity


The theme of the season is fantasy and superheroes.

Epic Games launched another season in the online action game Fortnite. Upgrading to version 4.0 introduces many changes, but the main ones concern the map.

To release the patch, developers have published a short trailer

As the players assumed since the beginning of April, a comet fell on the island. However, it landed not in Tilted Towers (“Falling Towers”), as previously thought , but in Dusty Depot (“Dust Warehouse”). In its place appeared a huge crater called Dusty Divot (“Dusty Hole”)

Map Fortnite in the fourth season of the game

The so-called hop rocks are scattered around the crater. These are items that allow a character to reduce gravity for a while

In addition, a new location appeared on the island – Risky Reels (“Dangerous Films”). This is a dilapidated car cinema, shown in the fourth season trailer

For the execution of tasks, limited in time, you can get special costumes in the style of superheroes, as well as skins for pickaxe or animation for landing a character

In turn, in the Save the World mode, a thematic event called “Destructive Cinema” began, in the story of which players will have to explore the place of the comet’s fall and assemble a team of superheroes.

Also in the update fixed many bugs and added a few mechanics. For example, on the starting island it is now possible to destroy buildings, and the limit on the number of emotions during the match was removed – it is allowed to use any equipment players have


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