SIE Director: “The PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle”


In the coming years, the company will focus on expanding the user base.

May 22, a corporate meeting of Sony took place, at which the management shared its plans and strategy for the coming years. Sony Executive Director and President Kenichiro Yoshida said that in the next three years (until March 31, 2021), the Sony Game & Network Services business unit will rely mainly on the PlayStation 4.

The company intends to further expand the service PlayStation Network, in which the monthly number of active users has reached 80 million people. Sony expects to increase the number of PS Plus subscribers and take measures to increase the total time they spend in the service.

The PlayStation division is set to launch titles on new IPs, as well as launch additional content for existing games from domestic studios.

Later words Yoshida confirmed executive director of Sony Interactive Entertainment John Koder. He said that the strength of Sony’s gaming unit is not only in creating new IPs, but also in the development of existing ones. According to him, fans in the next three years can expect even more exclusives of the PlayStation.

Coder noted that the PlayStation 4 is entering the final phase of its life cycle. Because of this, the company expects a decrease in console sales. To compensate for the decline in revenue plan through subscription services such as the PlayStation Plus.

The report also mentioned the division of PlayStation VR, the results of which, despite the overall growth, do not correspond to forecasts. The television service PlayStation Vue also did not show the expected results. Henceforth, the company intends to make more realistic forecasts for these units.

At the end of his speech, Kodera said that from now on, the PlayStation will not strive for millions of consoles sold, but will attract millions of active users. At the same time, he noted that until March 2021, the PlayStation will take a “breather” in order to then take a big step forward.


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