How misinformation about the PlayStation 5 is selected on the main “Yandex.News”


Officially, Sony has never acknowledged the existence of the PlayStation 5. And even a large-scale investigation of Jason Schreier from Kotaku has come to a dead end : the largest studios have not yet received the devkits, and if they did, then we are talking about test PC configurations that only select .

Then Schreier summed up – PS5 will be released no earlier than 2020. He drew the conclusions about this by the fact that even the internal Sony studios were not engaged in the development of this platform in the spring. Autumn 2020 looks logical for many reasons: then, most likely, there will be a suitable “hardware”, and the Japanese company will have time to shoot back with all its remaining announced exclusives, including The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding, Ghost of Tsushima and Days Gone .

However, in the near future, you will surely hear from someone that the PlayStation 5 is coming out already in the autumn of 2019, which Sony itself allegedly officially announced.

If only because this information right at the time of this writing is hanging on the main Yandex.News, one of the main news aggregators in runet.

This ” news ” brought in the top 16 Russian media, none of which are directly related to the games.

And from smaller editions, misinformation reached even St. Petersburg’s Fifth Channel, broadcasting in 83 regions of Russia. Remarkably, there is no common source for all media. Channel Five refers to an incomprehensible edition of “Economics Today,” and FederalPress reports with reference to a certain agency,

Almost all materials are united by the authors’ confidence in the written and strange details like the stated number of games at the start and even the fabulous price of $ 550 (PS4 started from 399 and therefore became successful).

The corporation promised that it would be possible to purchase twenty games for the new console, five of which are exclusive. The cost of the PlayStation 5 game console will be more than half a thousand dollars.

The presentation of the PlayStation 5 will be held at E3 next summer, but it will take even longer to wait for the console to go on sale – fans will see this game console on store shelves only in autumn 2019.

Sales of the PlayStation 5 will be launched in November next year. The cost of one game console will be about $ 550.From the text “FederalPress”

And even though no one refers to him, the source of this news seems to have once again become the site – notorious in the journalistic environment. It was there that before the rest of the Russian editions all the “information about PS5” appeared.

News is, in its own way, an art.

Sony had to change its plans because of Microsoft, which next year is also going to present its new Xbox game console to the public. Simply put, the Japanese manufacturer of electronic gadgets for game lovers was literally forced to change their cards and go on about the entire gaming industry, which already requires something truly new.

Recently, we managed to find out that the main feature of Sony PlayStation 5 will absolutely shock everyone.from

Guessing which business model has is not difficult. The publication specializes in writing fictional news, and at the end of its texts provides links to questionable promotions.

Here are some news from the home page.

On this occasion, I would like to appeal to the employees of “Yandex” and specifically “Yandex.News” with only one question – until?


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