Digital Foundry editor: in PlayStation 5 will reverse compatibility


According to the leaks, the developers have already received the console devkits.

John Linneman, the editor of the Eurogamer website and the technical division of Digital Foundry, said on his Twitter account that the PlayStation 5 would be backward compatible with PS4.

Who here thinks the PS5 will be backward compatible with PS4 games?

PS5 will definitely have this feature. Without a doubt

[Backward compatibility] has once again become a key factor in sales. Compatibility with the PS3 was impossible, but with the PS4 and its x86 architecture, this is a trifling matter.

According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony has already started sending PS5 devikits to developers, which they speak positively about. He also said that most Sony studios have started working on games for the next generation console.

So far, official information about the PlayStation 5 from Sony has not been received. Perhaps some new leaks will appear in March on the eve of the GDC conference.

So far, gaming industry employees and analysts are inclined to believe that PS5 will be released no earlier than the fall of 2020


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