Daniel Ahmad: Sony has started sending PS5 girls


The developers who received them respond positively.

  • According to analyst Daniel Ahmad from Niko Partners, the financial year 2019 will be Sony’s best in terms of gaming and related services.
  • Sony has already decided on the line of releases for the first half of 2019, but it has not yet been drawn into the background.
  • The company has a few unrecognized PS4 games in store, but Ahmad has already heard discussions that they can be made cross-gen titles or even postponed until the next PlayStation release.
  • Sony has already sent devkits to several studios, and the developers who received them speak positively about them. Perhaps more information from unofficial sources will appear on the GDC in March.
  • In the next generation, Sony is going to focus on the ecosystem of services PlayStation, however, developments in this direction are likely to become known already in 2019.
  • Most Sony studios have already started working on games for the next generation. 

Only 18% of the developers surveyed said they were working on games for the next generation of consoles. 


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