Girl made AirPods earrings earrings and established business


A 22-year-old resident of the state of Virginia gained popularity in social networks after she thought of a way not to lose Apple headphones – the girl turned them into earrings with the help of a special nozzle. Riley explained that she was always afraid of losing the AirPods – there were no wires, and her cat had already swallowed two pairs of Bluetooth Beats headphones.

The idea came to the liking of Internet users, and Riley decided to take the bull by the horns, setting up a sale of earrings. For now, she accepts preorders, pricing the accessory at $ 20 (obviously, without the AirPods themselves). She is also ready to make changes to the design at the request of the customer, to increase the length of the chains, and so on.

How it reacts to the appearance of Apple earrings that have received the name Airings, is unknown.


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