Build communism! Slovaks make a strategy about the USSR, sockets and sending people to the mines


There are many economic strategies, but there are too few catastrophic strategies about the planned economy of the USSR. Slovak studio 3Division decided to fix it and dip gamers in the entourage of a poor Soviet republic that builds communism on the rails of a planned economy in the game Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic.

The game will be released in early access to Steam until the end of March this year. This will be a real-time strategy, in which we will have to extract resources, build factories, manage transport infrastructure, build residential zones with panels, send residents to mines, fields and factories. The developers promise to provide a realistic landscape, authentic Soviet architecture and authentic transport of the 60s – 90s.

The game will have to trade not only with the countries of the Soviet bloc for rubles, but also with the Western powers for dollars. At the same time, they promise that the price of resources on the international market will change over time, and the player will be able to trade in both natural resources and goods made from them.


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