A cure for cancer? Israeli scientists promise to provide a full cure for a deadly disease in a year


A small group of Israeli scientists reported that they were on the verge of discovering a cure for cancer. “We believe that in a year we will offer a complete cure for cancer, ” said Dr. Dan Aridor of research company AEBi. “Our cancer treatment will be effective from day one, last for several weeks, have minimal or no side effects. The cost of treatment will be much cheaper than other procedures on the market. ”

The information voiced by a team of scientists in an interview with The Jerusalem Post sounds fantastic. Given that every year in the world put 18.1 million new cancer diagnoses.

MuTaTo (multi-target toxin, multipurpose toxin) is called the highest order cancer destruction technology. It uses a combination of anticancer peptides and a toxin that purposefully kills cancer cells. It is the combination of peptides that makes it possible to finally destroy cancer cells and prevent their mutation, the development of drug resistance.

The treatment of MuTaTo will be individual. Each patient will take a biopsy, and then make up for him a special cocktail.

At the moment, scientists have completed the first research experiment in mice. They managed to block the growth of cancer human cells and prevent a side effect for healthy cells. The drug is on the verge of clinical trials, which will take several years. But scientists are confident that their results are consistent and reproducible.


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