Resident Evil 2: classic images of the main characters and post-release game mode


During the pre-release broadcast, Resident Evil 2 remake developers showed 98 Classic images for the main characters Leon and Claire, thanks to which they will look like the original 1998 game.

Gameplay for Leon in a classic way.

On the day of release classic images will be paid. So far it is known only about the price of a set in Japan – there it will cost 3,000 yen, which is about 30 dollars. However, on March 22 all players will get skins for free.Реклама 05

In addition, the developers talked about the game mode The Ghost Survivors with several game characters and random drop-out items for replayability. Events in it are divided into three chapters and occur in an alternate reality.

As noted by the developers, in The Ghost Survivors you can find a type of opponents, which is not in the main game.

A remake of Residen Evil 2 will be released on January 25th.


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