NVIDIA reduced $ 500 million in revenues due to poor sales of RTX video cards


NVIDIA has warned its investors that in the last quarter of the fiscal year, the company’s revenue will be $ 500 million lower than planned. Instead of $ 2.7 billion, the company plans to earn $ 2.2 billion. On the stock exchange, this statement was responded by a 14% drop in NVIDIA shares.

Thus, the company officially recognized that the generation of Turing video cards with hardware support for ray tracing is not selling as fun as planned. This also explains the rumors that the company is preparing to release a video card without support for ray tracing, which will be more powerful than the video cards of the previous generation.

It is also expected to reduce revenue units, which works with the corporate segment and data centers: “A number of transactions according to the company’s forecast were not closed in the outgoing month due to the fact that customers chose a more cautious approach,” – said in an official press release NVIDIA.


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