Prince of Persia in Minecraft – because of a bug in the game, the opportunity to run on the walls


The error that occurred after the update 19W04A drew attention to Reddit.

Apparently, the bug is associated with changes in the detection of collisions of objects. As suggested in the network, while the character goes “into the wall,” then the height at which he is located cannot change – you cannot jump in this position either.

Many users of Reddit half in jest hoped that the “feature” would remain in the game.

Minecraft with movement, as in Titanfall. Why do I want this?steh-

reddit user

I would like them to make a separate piece of equipment for this.CK20XX

reddit user

I hope no one will ever contact technical support on this occasion.owlindenial

reddit user

This is not a bug, this is the long-awaited introduction of parkour!SlothLancer

reddit user


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