PEGI has introduced in-game purchases labeling – it will appear on the covers of physical copies of games.


The symbol will be added to all releases until the end of 2018.

PEGI, the European rating system for video games and other entertainment content, will receive another marking symbol – In-game Purchase. It means that the product contains in-game purchases like luthboxes. The symbol will begin to be used on physical media until the end of the year.

PEGI emphasizes that similar labeling is already used in many digital stores like Steam or Google Play, and only now it will appear on the boxes with discs.

In-game purchases are very widespread; Buyers need to ensure the same level of awareness for both physical and digital releases. Given that physical releases remain an important part of the market, it was important to fill this gap.Simon LittlePEGI Managing Director

According to Little, labeling is important primarily for parents who buy games for their children.

On August 28, Blizzard banned users from Belgium from purchasing over-the-top Heroes of the Storm lootboxes due to local law. Earlier, Valve had to change the principle of the action of luthboxes in their games for users from Belgium and the Netherlands. In CS: GO, it was forbidden to open “cases”, and in Dota 2 they began to show their contents before the purchase.


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