Kotaku: even the staff of Sony’s internal studios have not heard anything about the PlayStation 5


The console is unlikely to go on sale before 2020.

According to Kotaku editor Jason Schreier, in the last month he actively communicated with developers on the next generation of consoles – namely, the PlayStation 5.

According to the results of many consultations, including anonymous ones, Schreier concluded that a full-fledged PS4 heir should not be expected before 2020.

In the case of hardware, the sudden move of Microsoft or Nintendo can dramatically change the situation, but at the moment PlayStation 5 is hardly discussed among developers, at least in detail.

Schreyrer points out that even the employees of Sony’s internal studios – from designers to programmers of various levels – have not heard anything about PS5, let alone developing games for the upcoming console.

Only two of the developers surveyed by Schreier, more or less confidently talked about the next generation of Sony consoles. Both believe that the corporation does not plan to rush and will begin production of the PS5, when the technologies necessary for a sharp qualitative leap will appear.

Schreier believes that if Sony sent the first PS5 developers to the developers in absolute secrecy, then, most likely, they were only modified PCs of intended power. Such studio computers can get even 24 months before the start of sales of the console: they are usually kept locked up and shown only to a limited number of employees.

The developers told Kotaku that they received full-fledged PS4 devikits a year before the console sales started, and before that they were working with PCs. Since there were no rumors about sending out “real” devkits, the PS5’s launch before the autumn of 2019 makes no sense to expect.

Among the developers, Schreier explains, there is a “common understanding” that the PS5 will be a console that can run games that do not work on PS4 and PS4 Pro. At the same time, it’s too early to talk about backward compatibility issues.

According to Schreier, the next generation of the Xbox is still out of the question. Microsoft recently launched Xbox One X, and this console will remain on the market for a while.


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