DICE has not yet decided whether to enter a custom server rental for Battlefield V players


“This should be an economic sense.”

On 23 January, community manager Dan Mitre explained on Reddit why players have so far not been able to rent a Battlefield V server.

According to Mitra, DICE has not yet made a decision regarding the server rental program and does not know whether it can afford its support.

The server rental program must meet the standards and your expectations, including the necessary tools on our part. All this requires resources, and this should be the economic sense. We can not enter a function, the cost of which will exceed the income from it.Dan Mitercommunity manager

As Mitra noted, DICE does not want to sacrifice those resources that are intended to support the main game and release new content.

The community manager also assured that the server rental program could still be introduced, but DICE must weigh the pros and cons. When developers make the final decision, players will learn about it.

The lack of user servers is not so big a problem for Battlefield V at this stage, but in the long run they allow you to maintain community activity even after the developers themselves stop supporting the game.

On the other hand, Battlefield V attracts fewer new players. For December, the game failed to get into the top ten most profitable titles in the “number” on both consoles and PC.

SuperData: in December, Battlefield V did not hit the top ten most profitable games on consoles in “digital” 


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